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Although this instrument is not our work, we are including photos of the Wigton Organ in Old St. Mary's Church in the "Greektown" part of Detroit as a tribute to a worthy artisan who has constructed here one of the finest instruments using the highest standards of organ building craftsmanship we have ever seen anywhere in the world!

Our involvement with the instrument was very minor, in that it consisted primarily of Tonal Finishing assistance to builder David Wigton in 1990. The execution of the tonal finishing work was carried out in such a way as to utilize the abilities of the individuals involved to the highest degree of skill-level they possess.  Accordingly, David did the finishing on the reed stops since this is work in which he excels, while Richard Schneider handled the majority of the flue ranks; particularly the Principals.

Some interesting facts concerning the construction of this instrument:

This instrument stands to the Glory of God and is a worthy example of meticulous woodworking craftsman.  Excellent work is its own reward and it is hoped that by placing this webpage, one of the most worthy examples of the organ builder's art can be more widely acclaimed and acknowledged.  In today's society where artificialness and mediocrity are the norm, it is refreshing and exciting to experience first-hand the construction of an instrument that should not only last for generations to come, but does so with such noble and beautiful proportions and a clear singing voice.

I consider it a rare privilege to have been involved with this project in even a minor way.
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Old Saint Mary's Catholic Church
Detroit, Michigan
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