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In 1997, Schneider Pipe Organs was called on to clean a IV/68 residence organ damaged in tornado of 1995. We also provided extensive modification to improve the instrument's mechanical reliability and revoicing of certain ranks.

In 1998 we were called on to remove the instrument to storage in Cleveland, Ohio. Future plans include re-design engineering assistance once Dr. Blackstone has determined a new location for the instrument.

In the photo above showing the table and chairs, (from left to right:) Cantilevered Positiv Division; Swell (behind Expression louvers) and Cantilevered Great immediately to the right of the Expression louvers, with a portion of the Pedal Main Division beneath it. the "Pedal Cantus" and a portion of the Pedal are hidden from view to the right of the corner of the window wall. This shot was taken from the Dining Room.

The photo above left shows Blackstone Residence Organ Living Room. The console appears beneath the Swell Louvers, Great Division cantilevered immediately to the right of this, with Pedal "Cantus" Division cantilevered to far right. Pedal basses are beneath the Great and Pedal Cantus with the pipe resonators positioned behind these elevated, cantilevered divisions. The organ blowers and electronic system are in the closet immediately to the right of the console.

The lower left photo shows the Antiphonal Division from the Kitchen Exposed Principal 4' in front with the balance of the division behind the expression louvers

Dr. Eugene Blackstone Residence
Birmingham, Alabama and
Cleveland Heights, Ohio