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OPUS VI, 1981
Danny W. Kerkhoff Residence

Kokomo, Indiana
Wind is provided by a self-contained blower-Reservoir, which is situated beneath the organ. The Keydesk is situated on narrow end of the windchest due to room constraints.

Due to the owner having a debilitating stroke, resulting in now being wheelchair-bound, this instrument has become available for sale.  It was originally constructed using an "experienced" Slider Chest and re-voiced pipework as a low-cost residence "Practice Machine" for the original owner.  Now that he is unable to play, he is very anxious to see to it that this instrument continues its life in the hands of an appreciative new owner who would use it for practice purposes to the extent that he did.  Professional re-location and repair services are available from the original builder (that's us!) and arrangements could possibly be made to"audition" the instrument in its current home in north central Indiana. There are some damaged treble pipes that will need to be repaired or replaced and this can be arranged through our shop in conjunction with its relocation.  Suitable pipes for the Krummhorn stop may be available from our warehouse as well.The voicing is typical of what was in vogue in the early 1980's, but was gently done, since this was a residence installation. This organ would be a suitable practice machine for a residence, or could carry itself respectably in a small church or chapel. 

Asking $8,000.00 O.B.O., plus the costs of dismantling, moving and any necessary repairs.

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