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Peoria, Illinois

Schneider Pipe Organs, Inc., of Kenney, IL has completed the first phase of a multi-stage renovation of the 1927 Hinners organ in Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Peoria, IL.  The initial phase consisted of re-building the console and re-wiring the organ utilizing a MATTERS microprocessor-based relay system with a fiber-optic link between the console and the organ chamber.  All wiring on the existing wind chests was replaced with new modern wiring.

A new Pedalboard to replace the existing one, which was disintegrating due to years of heavy use was also installed.

At the same time, new 120 volt A.C. wiring and magnetic starter for the organ blower and a new D.C. Rectifier were installed, as well as new fluorescent lighting within the organ Chamber and Blower Room.  Service receptacles for maintenance work were also added to the installation.

Limited pneumatic repairs were made to the existing Electro-Pneumatic windchests as a temporary measure, as well as replacement of a number of badly-damaged and crudely-repaired treble pipes of the Stopped Diapason rank.

Completion of this phase of the work was March, 2002.

Anticipated future phases are to include complete removal of the existing Windchests and Pipework of the instrument from the chamber space while it is being re-plastered and re-painted, and construction of all-new Windchests based on E ectro-Mechanical Expansion Chamber windchest concept, which greatly aids the speech of pipes on Electro-Mechanical actions.  This windchest design also eliminates the need for any future-leathering work and permits the greatest possible stoplist flexibility for an instrument with limited tonal resources.


Zion will be re-dedicating the organ, as well as celebrating 10 years of ordained ministry of the current Pastor, the Rev. Steven P. Tibbetts, STS, on Sunday, October 27, 2002.

The current schedule (subject to change) is:

In between these events will be displays and other information on the organ and the building. The 75th Anniversary of the completion of the main church building, constructed in1922, occurred in April 2002.

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