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W.C. Burkett: Pipework repairs, re-building, cleaning, polishing &fitting new Tuning Slides; general shop work assistance; Sky Rack fabrication and assembly; wind line & general installation &troubleshooting work.

The builder wishes to take the opportunity of these credits to expressly and gratefully acknowledge and applaud the dedication and perseverance of Mr. Burkett during the many long and aggravating hours that were spent on-site during the installation of this instrument.  It would be a fair assessment to state that were it not for his heroic efforts and untiring dedication to the task at hand, this instrument would probably not have ever been completed!

Jason Burkett: Woodworking, general fabrication, wood pipe re-finishing;installation.

Mike Gettelman: installation.

Nicholas Fry: Shop wiring.

Ron Whitney: Shop assistance & installation.

Dan Schneider: Console interior woodworking, Drawknob Bolster & Nameboard fabrication and final assembly; wind chest fabrication and assem ly & troubleshooting.

Joan Schneider: Office & Fiscal Management, Bookkeeping; "Chief cook and dish washer" during onsite installation, gallons of Coffee provider;onsite/shop wood pipe painting; Tonal Finishing "ears" & tuning assistant;reality checker.

Matt Schneider: Console interior staining and finishing operations; wind chest fabrication, finishing, wiring and final assembly.

The church's Principal Organist,
Dr. Scott Lehman, also provided invaluable input during the installation and Tonal Finishing process by providing his feedback to how the stops were shaping-up during Tonal Finishing.

Richard Schneider, PRES/CEO: Administration; materials procurement; CADD layout and installation engineering; on-site console installation and wiring; shop pipework re-building & re-voicing; general installation work;Tonal Finishing, Tuning, Troubleshooting & overall shop/field Project oversight/supervision.

The builder also wishes to gratefully and appreciatively acknowledge Marybeth Huser, Minister of Music at First Mennonite for giving up a large portion of her Choir Practice Room throughout the duration of the installation process with the storage of tool and supply tubs and the many components necessary and incidental to the installation of the instrument.

A truly unsung hero throughout the entire installation process was the church's custodian, Kendall Lehman. He was the person who always had a smile and cheerful greeting for us no matter how big the mess in his shop would become from our on-site modifications of things that wouldn't fit right.  This is a place to be feared: the builder and his workers have concluded that the next Space Shuttle could easily be fabricated in this enviable work-space!  There were many times that extra cleaning at the last minute before a Sunday service would be required and never was a complaint heard.

Given the somewhat difficult circumstances surrounding a project taken over due to a default from the original contractor, it was most gratefully appreciated by the builder and his workers those individuals (and you know who you are!) who went out of their way to show kindness and hospitality to us by doing such "Random Acts of Kindness", such as appearing unannounced with homemade Strawberry Pie during one of the many late-evening work sessions; availed themselves to be "sounding boards"during difficult moments and in general, d d whatever was necessary to ensure that this project turned out to be the highest and best work of its kind possible to the Praise, Honor and Glory of Almighty God.

People involved with this project...
First Mennonite Church
Berne, Indiana