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44 Note Continuo Organ
OPUS XVI, 1986
This instrument was manufactured new by Schneider Pipe Organs, Inc.of Kenney, IL as its Opus XVI in 1985-1986.  It has been rented out to various groups over the years and utilizes a small, self-contained blower/reservoir to provide the necessary wind pressure.

The action is direct mechanical (meaning you are opening the valves with finger pressure instead of electricity or other "remote" means by means of small 'Stickers' pushing upwards onto the Pallets from the tails of the keys.

Compass is G 5-1/3' through top C = 44 notes. 
The stop is an 8'(Unison) Gedackt which is 'always on' whenever the blower is running!

Participants in this project included the following individuals:

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This organ is now owned by Fr. Brian K. Muzas, and is being used in Queen of Peace High School Chapel in North Arlington, NJ.