The Mission of SCHNEIDER PIPE ORGANS, Inc. is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church by providing both new and "experienced" pipe organs and renovating and improving existing ones to the highest level of excellence in workmanship and materials that it is possible to achieve by human hands under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The members of the staff of SCHNEIDER PIPE ORGANS, Inc., believe in the Divine Call upon one's life. Therefore, the work carried out by those staff members is done as a natural extension in response to that Divine Calling. Not only is much craftsmanship lavished upon each project, but much prayer is offered by staff members as work progresses; so that the resulting instrument may be truly built to God's Glory as a vehicle used by the Holy Spirit to infuse God's Word through song into the hearts of those gathered to worship under the sounds of its many voices.  There have been many instances of Divine Intervention during particularly difficult moments of an instrument's progress that, without God's help, would have likely not turned out successfully.

We are always ever-mindful that a pipe organ is only an adjunct to Divine Worship, and NOT the object of Worship itself! A well-built pipe organ certainly can and should be a thing of beauty and a joy forever, just as many of the elements in the Old Testament Temple, which Solomon built to worship the God of Hosts, were. However, our intentions are that God be glorified through the instrument and NOT the builders or the resulting instrument itself. That is why the Builders' plate attached to each instrument dedicates it to the Glory of God.

As an instrument is installed on-site, much prayer is offered by staff members for both the instrument and the hous of Worship into which it is installed, so that both the church itself, as well as the organ may be used by God's Holy Spirit to proclaim the wonderful saving news in the form of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying World.
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Mission Statement