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Regularly-Scheduled Maintenance:

Many pipe organ owners choose to have a Pipe Organ Maintenance Agreement whereby the frequency of service and normal tuning costs are quantified.  This service keeps the instrument in the most optimal condition possible.  Since organs change tune with variations in humidity and temperature, the schedule is determined in such a manner as to maximize longevity of duration of the tuning after completion.  Generally, our semi-annual Maintenance Schedule is as follows:

A highly desirable alternative Maintenance Schedule, which more closely adheres to the seasonal changes, would be as follows:

Scheduling to meet your musical requirements:

We can schedule our regular visits to fit your musical program requirements.  If you notify us by the following dates, we will make every effort to accommodate your requests:



A Complete Tuning:

A full tuning of all pipes in the organ to the average of the existing pitch, as determined by calibration with our electronic Sight-O-Tuner.  A full tuning includes all of the pipes in the low octaves, the Celeste ranks and all other stops.  All pipes are checked for tuning slide tightness (if applicable) and receive any other necessary attention to ensure that a quality tuning results.  Re-pitching of the organ is generally not done except in extreme situations where the organ is widely out of pitch with other musical instruments, such as the Piano, organ chimes, a Carillon or a similar non-changeable instrument.  Generally, re-pitching is considered to be outside the scope of normal organ maintenance care and will result in an additional charge.

-- Or --

A Touch-up Tuning:

A complete check of all flue ranks to locate offending notes.  This is generally limited to the treble portions of most unison ranks, as well as "upperwork", such as 2' stops and Mixtures.  Touch-up tunings generally include a complete tuning of all reed ranks.  Only in unusual circumstances will we re-pitch entire divisions which are significantly out-of-tune, provided that the temperatures are normal and stable.

Mechanical Systems Check:

Our service includes thorough inspection of your instrument on each tuning visit.  Items checked include such items as the proper operation of: Console couplers, reversibles, indicator lights, swell expression and Crescendo mechanisms; performance of the Combination Action and relay system; performance of all stop and chest mechanisms; Tremulants, Chimes and other percussions, and reed regulation as part of the tuning.  Additionally, whenever it is possible to gain access, the blower is inspected and lubricated as needed.

We will perform minor repairs on the service visit and notify you of any additional repair work that may be required in the future.  In some instances, some manufacturer's Combination Action systems require back-up battery replacements and we will inform you as to if and when this work may be required.


In order to help you, the customer, better understand and track how your instrument is behaving and to help pinpoint recurring problems and situations which may require further attention in the future, we prepare a report after each tuning visit which details what aspects of your instrument were tuned or repaired and any other work that was done as part of that Service Call.  Comments and observations are also included.  This information is left on the console, and a copy of this is returned to our Office for the customer's file.  This will provide you with an up-to-date assessment of the instrument and a record of all work, which has been performed.

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Our Service Territory:

We are happy to work anywhere within the USA for larger projects such as Tonal Finishing and Organ Renovations, but as a practical matter, most service work is limited to the 7 state area around Illinois including Indiana, Iowa, parts of Kentucky, eastern Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin. 

We are also actively seeking opportunities to provide service work in the southern states region from Alabama through Arizona. We anticipate spending the winter months of the year in those areas in order to provide a "presence" and perform maintenance and other minor service work while "in the neighborhood." We would additionally welcome opportunities to provide evaluations of damaged pipe organs for churches and/or insurance companies affected by the recent hurricanes. 

We will make an initial "inspection/evaluation" visit at no charge for customers in Illinois who are considering using our services.  For those customers out-of-state, some travel charges may apply, depending upon distance from our shop and whether or not the visit is able to be incorporated as part of other business which may already be taking us into your region. EMAIL or call us today for an appointment to evaluate YOUR instrument!  Let our skill and expertise help keep YOUR instrument singing to the best of its ability!

We would be happy to provide you with references of our satisfied customers upon request.


In addition to organ maintenance work, our company stands ready to provide you with a comprehensive program of organ renovation and repairs, ranging from minor service to a completely renovated instrument with a new organ warranty.  Our services include:

Emergency service:

We have almost 30 years of experience in the servicing of pipe organs.  Our goal is to provide fast, professional service as promptly as possible whenever it is requested.  We are conversant in every type of pipe organ action manufactured; as well as the ability to troubleshoot and service the latest solid state organ control equipment.  We can be best reached by sending EMAIL to us, which we attempt to respond to within 24 hours.  Alternately, Voicemail messages will also receive prompt attention. 

Generally, all requests for service calls are responded to within one week's time, except in highly unusual circumstances.  We want to be your service organization and will earn your business by being there when needed as quickly as possible and providing thorough, comprehensive service.  We consider each and every customer to be extremely important to us and we try to demonstrate it by the level of service provided.

We will also try to help you resolve the problem over the telephone or VIA EMAIL whenever possible, especially in a last-minute emergency situation when no time exists to travel to the instrument.  Some companies will not do this but in an emergency situation, it may make the difference between the organ being usable for a service/program or having to resort to a Piano or other substitute at the last minute.

Comprehensive Evalu tions & Proposals:

If desired, we will be pleased to prepare a comprehensive written analysis/evaluation of the current state of your instrument and offer a proposal which addresses any repairs or improvements we would suggest for your instrument; including anticipated costs for such work.  If, in the course of normal organ maintenance we encounter problems beyond the scope of what can be addressed in a routine maintenance visit, we will submit for your consideration, a proposal detailing the need, the remedy and the costs of doing the requisite work.  Such evaluations and Proposals are prepared as promptly as possible, depending on our work-load and schedule at the time.

Insurance Services:

We will be pleased to provide our clients a written Appraisal as to the value of their instrument for insurance purposes.  This allows you to protect your investment by maintaining adequate insurance coverage to replace the instrument in the event of disaster.

Additionally, we are pleased to work with insurance companies and have done so successfully in the event an instrument suffers from damage for any reason where filing an insurance claim may come into play.  We will be happy to answer any questions that are posed to us by Insurance Adjusters, and are also happy to provide "Second Opinion" evaluations and estimates on a fee-plus basis for insurance companies.

We would be pleased to provide you with additional information regarding any of the following:

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